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Graphite sheet
Graphite sheet
Graphite sheet
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Specification of

Graphite sheet

Flexible graphite sheet made of graphite flakes with a high carbon content which is a chemical Treatment, expanding under high temperature and then formed by rolling. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistant, corrosion resistance and good elasticity. flexible graphite sheet or roll the main raw material for making all types of tapes graphite, graphite sheet reinforced sealing, gaskets and packing.

APLikasi recommendations:


industrial processes

petrochemical industry

the chemical industry

power plant technology

centrifugal pumps

piston pump


valve heat exchanger


connection flange

maintenance seal

Working temperature: 650 ° C ~ 200 ° C (in media oxide)

-870 ° C ~ 200 ° C (in the media of non-oxide).

Size: 100 cm X 100 cm


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