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Packing Tombo 1935
Packing Tombo 1935
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Packing Tombo 1935

Packing rubber gasket Tombo 1935, Tombo 1000, Tombo 1303, Tombo 1100, Tombo NA 1935, Tombo NA 1995, Tombo 1120. Selling tombo gaskets of various sizes, JIS type, ANSI, PN, DN, And others, using bolt hole or without bolt hole, 1 mm to 5 mm thick, with Tombo Asbestos and Tombo non asbestos material. We accept fabrics of Flanges and Gaskets of various sizes.

Our products are quality tested and reliable ketahannya. For indo details please contact King Packing, or can contact us for rubber gasket products or other gasket products.

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