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Packing Tombo 1995

Tombo Gasket 1995 Brown Non Asbestos sheet (chocolate sheet) with compressed fiber is a gasket made of a uniform mixture of fibrous material, filler, rubber and hot chemicals rolled by the calender to get the fine sheet. Sheets are processed to the required shape and dimensions for applications in equipment, various types of industries.

Features: Inorganic filler rubber gasket is added to inorganic fibers and aramid fibers; Then the oil-resistant synthetic rubber is added as a binder to form a NA (non-asbestos) brown joint with a sheet containing absolutely no asbestos. This gasket can be used for stainless steel flange since the halogen leachable is small.

Tombo 1995 can be used for various types of flanged pipes and valves, equipment, etc.

Temperature: 100C - 183C

Size: 127cm X 127cm

Thickness: 0.5mm, 0.8mm, 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm.

Our products are quality tested and reliable ketahannya. For indo details please contact King Packing, or can contact us for rubber gasket products or other gasket products.

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