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Ring Joint Gaskets
Ring Joint Gaskets
Ring Joint Gaskets
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Ring joint gasket joint gasket Ring, Octagonal Oval.

Ring Type joint (RTJ) Gasket Revata Engineering is the precision machinery, metal sealing rings are suitable for high temperature and high pressure applications.

Ring Joint Gaskets are designed to close with "the beginning of the contact line" or wedging action between the mating flange and gasket. By applying pressure on the seal interface through the power of soft metal bolts, gasket flowed into a micro-fine structure of bahan, creating a louder flange seal very tight and efficient.


Ring Joint Gaskets revata Machines manufactured in accordance with API-6A and ASME B 16 specifications and come in four basic types:

R (Oval Type) Ring Joint Gaskets

R (Octagonal Type) Ring Joint Gaskets

Style RX Ring Joint Gaskets

BX Style Ring Joint Gaskets

This forms the basis of Ring Joint Gaskets are used in various applications with pressures of up to 20,000 PSI

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